Character Diversity

Game Diversity Factor
Melee 0.328
Ultimate 0.597
Project M 0.733
Smash 64 0.61
SFV 0.691
Rivals 0.743
Pokken 0.763
Smash 4 0.59
Brawl 0.537
Ideal 1.000

The character diversity graph effectively shows the character distribution of each game. The x-axis is a cumulative count of character usage from lowest to highest. The y-axis is a count of all the videos tracked on SmashVods for that respective game. It is a Lorenz Curve for character usage. The diversity factor also describes the character diversity of each game, but with a single number. A one means perfect character diversity, while a zero means everyone uses the same character.

The Lorenz Curve is a graphical representation used in economics to show the distribution of wealth. The Gini coefficient accompanies this tool by describing the ratio of the area between the line of perfect equality and Lorenz Curve, and the area under the line of perfect equality. This Gini coefficient typically uses zero to represent perfect equality, but I decided to use one as perfect equality to represent my "Diversity Factor".