About SmashVods

SmashVods is an automated fighting game video database. Youtube is not designed for fighting game videos, so websites like Vods.co, SSB World, and SmashVods aim to provide users with a quick and easy way to find videos.

What sets SmashVods apart is it's focus on automation. While Vods.co is handled by admins and SSB World is crowd sourced, SmashVods uses the Youtube Data API to search through a number of channels and organize videos based on their titles.

User-handled databases allow for more detailed entries for each video such as winner and stage selection. More attention is put on higher level matches, which many users are looking for. Where SmashVods shines is the larger selection of videos to choose from. Since the video database is automated, videos are quickly processed and put on the site within a week.

If you want your channel added to this site, feel free to message me on Twitter or SmashBoards. Follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up to date on Smashvods updates.


What type of videos can be added?

The YouTube Data API restricts all searches to a maximum of 500 items. Therefore, I have manually entered a large number of channels to be crawled each week. Select a game mode and view the channel list to see the 3 channel categories that can be added.

What are the requirements for my video titles?

The video title format used is Tournament Name (Optional), Player 1, Character 1 in Brackets, a form of versus (ie: vs. or vs),Player 2, Character 2 in Brackets, Tournament Name (Optional)

When is the site updated?

New videos are added at 0:00 UTC each day according to the schedule below.

Weekday Game
Sunday Smash 64, Brawl
Monday Melee
Tuesday Project M
Wednesday Smash Ultimate
Thrusday Smash 4
Friday Pokken, Street Fighter 5
Saturday Rivals of Aether