What type of videos can be added?

The script searches through channels. It cannot perform general keyword video searches because every search performed has a max of 500 items, and a large percentage of that 500 would be videos non-relating to required game. Select a game mode and view the channel list to see the 4 channel categories that can be added.

What are the requirements for my video titles?

The video title format used is Tournament Name (Optional), Player 1, Character 1 in Brackets, a form of versus (ie: vs. or vs),Player 2, Character 2 in Brackets, Tournament Name (Optional)

When is the site updated?

New videos are added at 0:00 UTC each day according to the schedule below.

Weekday Game
Sunday Smash 64
Monday Melee
Tuesday Brawl
Wednesday Project M
Thrusday Smash 4
Friday Pokken
Saturday Rivals of Aether

Where did you find the character artwork?

The SSBM images are from MachRiderZ and the PM images from Fingerstripes. The Pokken sprites are from Axel Comics.